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10 Common Painter’s Terms and What They Mean

10 Common Painter’s Terms and What They Mean Learning about any industry or job will expose you to slang and jargon you don’t know. It’s the language of the industry and the workers who participate in it. To outsiders, it might seem like the painters working at your house are speaking a different language when they talk about what paint products they’re using and how they’re conducting their work. Here are a few painter’s terms you might want to know before contractors appear at your home:Bleeding: The residues of a previous coat or markings are coming through the outer paint coat. When a darker color is showing through a lighter-colored fresh paint coat, the darker color is ‘bleeding’ through the newer coat.. Bump it: Give the surface one coat of paint. When someone says, ‘just bump it,’ they mean throw a quick layer of paint on the surface and call it good.Size line: Painting around the top edge of the trim. Usually, painters tell each other to do a size line near the end of the day w…

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